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Three Things To Consider When Choosing An Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are undoubtedly a beautiful way of expressing one’s love for his or her partner. No marriage proposal is complete without engagement rings, as it is a symbol of unconditional love and lifelong commitment. Choosing the right engagement ring can be quite a task as one often gets fastidious while selecting the perfect piece for his or her loved one. From the cuts of the stone to the colour, the design or the style, you may at times get...

Anniversary Jewellery

Pick The Right Anniversary Jewellery For Your Spouse

Anniversaries are milestones in personal relationships. Gifting a nice piece of jewellery to your loved ones can often prove to be a masterstroke in terms of expressing your unconditional love and affection. Anniversary jewellery needs to be perfect and should match the personality of the person who you wish to surprise. The tradition of gifting jewelleries on an anniversary dates back to the Roman period and will still be in vogue for decades to come. Some of the most important...